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Put Your Event Marketing Plans in Motion

Create the perfect event marketing plan with Hubilo. Get the best Email and SMS marketing solutions to help you set your event marketing strategy in motion to maximize your outreach.

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Effective Event Marketing Through Email

Email is one of the most effective channels for event marketing. From promotional mailers to event info, updates and more, Hubilo provides just the right tool to supercharge your email event marketing ideas

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A Wide Range of Email Templates

Reach out to your audience and engage them with carefully crafted emails. Hubilo’s email marketing feature provides a range of templates to help you design effective and attractive emails for your event marketing strategy

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Branding Through Event Emails

Customize your event marketing emails to reflect your event brand throughout. Tweak your event emails in line with your event promotion ideas to make them stand out.

  • feature-list Select email templates and edit it your way.
  • feature-list Create custom coded HTML mailers.
  • feature-list Add custom logos, banners and more.
  • feature-list Customize the colour and design line as per your brand.

Measure the Success Rate of Your Campaigns

Measure campaign success to understand what worked and what didn’t in your event marketing plan. Track the effectiveness of your event marketing campaigns with comprehensive and detailed analytics: