Lead – Driven and Reliable Solution for Exhibitors

Exhibitor solutions cover the most essential aspect that will persuade the exhibitors to use the Exhibitor management software with an ultimate lead retrieval system.

What’s New in the House For Exhibitors?

Attending with the sole intention of collecting and gathering useful leads from the events, tradeshows, expos, and exhibitions, exhibitors are trying out the exhibitor management software to automate the lead collection process. Let’s have a look at the best features provided for exhibitors.

Manage Exhibitor Registrations

With the exhibitor registration software, the event organiser can effortlessly differentiate the generic registrations with that of the exhibitors.

Lead Management System

All-in-one lead retrieval management system will be deployed to the exhibitors to simplify their tasks on-site.

Maintain Attendee Database

The trade show exhibitor software is a reliable and valuable asset to the event organisers as they can track the event attendance precisely.

Cost Efficient

The solutions exhibitor solutions created are not only practical but affordable as well.

Fully Customizable Solution

Providing a DIY system relieves the several restrictions that come with other types of software.

All You Need to Know About the Exhibitor Management Software

Exhibitor Dashboard
  • Exhibitor Registration Software
  • Effective Marketing
  • CRM integration with data export
  • Staff Management
  • Customizable Forms
Lead Retrieval System
  • Lead segregation - Easy bifurcation of leads
  • 3 types – hot, cold and warm
  • Get real-time access to the data
  • Let exhibitors handles lead effortlessly
Event Website for Tradeshows
  • Theme selection
  • DIY
  • Trade show exhibitor software
  • Integrations available
  • Track visitors
  • Surveys
Booth Manager
  • Floor plan management
  • Sell it online
  • Colored map available marked with “Available”, “on Hold” and “Sold”
  • Attendees can easily locate the booths
  • Exhibitor Booth Software
  • Exhibitor access and promotion
  • Provides real-time insights
  • 2 types of analytics – Lead and Staff
  • Aim at maximizing the ROI
  • In-app notification when a lead is captured
  • Survey forms for attendees
  • Improves the performance