An All-New Lead Retrieval System for Events

Maximize exhibitor and attendee ROI at tradeshows, expos, exhibitions and more with Hubilo’s all-new lead retrieval app. This tool is a convenient way to facilitate one of the most important and primary goals of exhibitors; lead retrieval.

Lead Retrieval Features That Hit the Mark

The lead management software simplifies the process of lead retrieval and conversion while providing multiple benefits to both exhibitors as well as organizers. Be it a conference, expo or tradeshow lead retrieval has never been simpler with features such as:

Event List

Exhibitors can access the list of events and get access to the lead retrieval system for each event individually.

Scan QR Code

Easy collection of detailed lead information made possible using a simple QR code scanning mechanism as part of the lead capture app.

Lead Segregation

Leads can be segregated based on lead stage i.e. hot, warm or cold. Custom tags to categorize leads can also be added.

Staff management

Possible to track booth staff activity along with visitors and leads generated during each shift. Staff can also evaluate their own leads as compared to overall leads generated.


Organizers and exhibitors can get a comprehensive overview through detailed analytics including lead stages, lead categorization by staff members, etc.

Lead Database

Lead management made simpler for maximum conversion. An easy-to-download lead database is available in multiple formats including a detailed CSV file.

CRM Integration

Exhibitors can integrate external CRM. tools with the lead retrieval tool for convenient lead nurturing to ensure maximum lead conversion.

Effective Marketing

Marketing collateral can be sent to all the leads captured through the lead retrieval app in just a click for effective communication.

What’s more?

The lead retrieval system is a convenient and affordable solution to help exhibitors. No matter the event type, the lead retrieval tool is handy and effective:

Easy Set-up

Lead retrieval simplified through QR codes, custom lead tags, lead forms, etc.

Handy to Use

The lead retrieval app helps exhibitors collect and manage leads on the go.

Flexible Pricing

Organizers can choose to charge a fixed price or a share in revenue for the lead retrieval software.

Multiple Logins

Individual dashboard and login provided for exhibitors, separate from organizer login for easy lead management.