Host sales kickoffs
that inspire

Host annual sales kickoffs (SKO) and regular sales meetings that truly motivate your sales team.

The SKO experience that your sales team will love

Bring your global sales team together, educate them, and orient them towards your organization’s vision all through Hubilo’s engaging platform.

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Do more than just a virtual SKO

Go beyond webinar meetings and bring excitement into your
annual sales kickoff and regular sales meetings.


Ready for hybrid

Along with amazing virtual SKOs, Hubilo enables you to host world-class hybrid (remote + in-person) SKOs.

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Leverage the momentum

Conduct regular sales meetings as part of your annual subscription to keep your sales team aligned and motivated year-round.

Engage, empower, and electrify
your sales team

  • Welcome your team and align them
    Start the SKO with electrifying keynotes by your leaders. Take engagement to the next level with Hubilo’s Global Side Panel.
  • Educate and share best practices
    Use Breakout Rooms to host interactive virtual workshops. Leverage Virtual Booths to equip sales with everything they need to win.
  • Fuel the competitive spirit
    Conduct Contests and enable sales to view their ranking on the Leaderboard. Host a virtual award show to honor your sales rockstars.

Enable networking while ensuring everyone is having a good time

  • Facilitate productive networking
    Let sales team members connect with the right people in Virtual Lounges. Enable them to have interactive 1-1 or group video meetings.
  • Get valuable feedback
    Use Surveys and Polls to get instant feedback from your sales team members. Pick their brains or decide on key things by enabling them to vote.
  • Make informed decisions
    Use real-time analytics to see the value your sales team is getting. With Multi-event Analytics you can make your future SKOs more productive.

White-glove service that ensures success

Sales kickoff planning and execution can be stressful. But with Hubilo, you can be assured that our customer success team will have your back and guide you seamlessly through the process.

Right from providing platform onboarding support, assisting you with onboarding speakers, to being available on the event days, we ensure your meetings run smoothly without any glitches.

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