Hubilo's hybrid event platform is the best way to reach a wide audience and keep them engaged

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Optimize the attendee experience for hybrid events

We’ve entered the era where organizations need to consider hybrid event strategy as a core part of their business.

Trust Hubilo to assist in delivering your next hybrid event experience.

Hybrid events unlock the restrictions of live events – be it the number of attendees, the types of speakers, and even sponsors. Now you can complement a live event with a virtual event that is more relevant to your audience, backed by our hybrid event platform.

Leveraging our virtual and live event expertise, Hubilo offers everything you need to host your next hybrid event from registration to executing a flawless event, as well as digging into the ROI of the event with our robust analytics. We offer deep attendee engagement expertise that will help you draw attendees from both online and offline events together. But best of all, we’ve got you covered with our white-glove customer success team to reduce the anxiety from running an event.



Extend your in-person event virtually

With a hybrid event platform, your virtual experience complements your in-person event. For instance, Hubilo can complement a main virtual experience with local in-person events in a hub and spoke model. Hubilo can also extend an event providing post live event engagement to complement the in-person experience. Best of all, you can brand and customize your virtual space using your brand colors and imagery.

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Intuitive USer Interface

Easy to engage no matter where you are

Our intuitive hybrid event platform is designed to highlight key events and enable attendees to drill down as needed to their specific interest. Our contextual global side panel keeps the pulse on the action happening now as well as relevant information from your main page. Best of all, we have a branded mobile app for in-person event that complements the virtual event.


Fostering connections both online and offline

Foster human engagement and keep attendees engaged throughout the event – regardless of attendee type. Attendees have multiple options to connect with each other – regardless of in-person or virtual – via 1-1 chats, virtual video calls, rooms, lounges, and more. Keep both types of attendees engaged with our leaderboard and robust gamification features to drive attendees to areas you want them to engage with and run contests to keep them surprised.

Virtual Sessions
Session with a robust chat

Virtual sessions to complement the in-person ones

Not only can Hubilo’s hybrid event platform stream your in-person session virtually, attendees can stay engaged using a wide variety of engagement tools including live polls, chats, Q&A and more. You and your sponsors can also create a variety of sessions from panels, workshops to presentations to be hosted virtually for any sized audience to complement your in-person agenda.

Native Branded App​

Immerse attendees with a branded application

Power your in-person and virtual attendees with a native, branded mobile application for them to browse session listings and network with each other. The mobile application can complement the day of in-person experience while enabling virtual attendees to engage in different ways.


White-glove service that ensures success

Event planning and execution can be stressful – whether you’re setting up an event or ready to go live. When you partner with Hubilo, you can be rest assured that our team is ready to assist when you need it. Our customer success team is dedicated in making your event successful from on-onboarding support to set up the event on our hybrid event platform, assisting you with speaker and exhibitor onboarding, to being on-call on the day of your event should any problems arise.



Register attendees & monetize your event

Hubilo makes it easy to register any of your attendees. Be it in-person, sponsor, or a regular attendee, Hubilo’s hybrid event platform has a built-in group concept that lets you segment the audience so that you can personalize the experience for them. You can take this further and view analytics across your different segments.


Understand your ROI, derive actionable insights

Combine your in-person and your virtual event data to be able to understand how your event performed and ultimately understand the event ROI. With over 60+ dimensions and metrics being tracked across key attributes like event engagement, networking efficiency and exhibitor ROI, Hubilo’s comprehensive event analytics enables you to segment attendees to create post-event campaigns. You can access analytics from across multiple events to understand patterns that emerge to improve your process and repeat the efforts that deliver the best ROI.

Sponsorship & Partnership

More value for sponsors & partners

Hubilo enables sponsors and partners to engage in a variety of ways during the events. Complement in-person sponsorship with a virtual presence on the hybrid event platform, including sponsor ads, sessions, lounges, and more. In-person leads can be combined with a sponsor’s virtual booth leads for easy lead retrieval – making it easier for them to see the ROI from sponsoring your event.


Hubilo is Hybrid-Ready

Leveraging our virtual and live event experience, Hubilo offers everything you need to set up your next hybrid event from registration to executing a flawless event.

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