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Host interactive online sessions and build a community virtually, just like you would with in-person events, with Hubilo’s virtual meetup platform.

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Meet new people and create a community that shares common interests. Use the following features of an online meetup platform:

  1. Gear up virtual networking via virtual platform
  2. Foster new connections in virtual Lounge
  3. Scale up the event with Breakout Rooms
  4. Conduct webinars and live virtual sessions
  5. Get meetup and engagement analytics on your dashboard

Gear up your virtual networking via online meetup software

  • Access attendee list
  • Take notes
  • 1-1 chats
  • Schedule meetings
  • Exchange business cards

Foster new connections in virtual Lounge

  • Allow attendees to set up 1-1 meetings
  • Reserve seats in advance in the Lounge
  • Hold group meetings for upto 12 attendees
  • Meet a group of people virtually via a live video or audio call
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Scale up virtual meetups events with Breakout Rooms

  • Allow attendees to share their thoughts and ideas during online breakout sessions
  • Organize breakout sessions using a hybrid + virtual meetup software for attendee engagement
  • Use moderator control when needed
  • Host group video meetings for breakout sessions
  • Open room for attendees
live session

Conduct webinars and live virtual sessions

  • Easily view all the sessions on the agenda
  • Manage multi-track sessions
  • Host live on-demand sessions and webinars around a common idea for the virtual meetup
  • Host live Q&A, presentations, and Polls
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Get meetup and engagement analytics on your dashboard

  • Get insights on session attendance
  • Review number of meetings held
  • Get to know the number of chat room interactions
  • Get engagement data from Q&A participation and live Polls
  • Get insights about breakout sessions and participation metrics

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