How CWA went virtual with Hubilo and increased its attendance rates by 60%

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About CWA

California WIC Association is a non-profit organization on a mission to help WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) communities. CWA helps nourish, educate, support, and empower families with the required training and support services needed to build a healthy future. 

It offers training programs and support services in areas such as breastfeeding support, healthcare, nutrition education, family and employee wellness, and public health workforce development.

With over 3000 employees, it is one of the largest women and infant supplemental nutrition programs in the USA. CWA represents many WIC agencies and regularly conducts training programs for all their employees. It also conducts other leadership programs, events, and trade shows throughout the year.

Challenges with pivoting to virtual

When CWA had to host virtual events after the pandemic struck, the team dreaded it. In-person training sessions and face-to-face interactions were the norm.
The team wanted an easy-to-use, intuitive platform.

What they were looking for?

Easy session management

Easy session management with the ability to upload, view, and deliver session content easily. They also wanted speakers to have the flexibility of recording the session content on the platform of their choice.

A dedicated trade show area

A dedicated trade show area to host their vendors and showcase their partners.

Ability to connect and network

Ability to connect and network with attendees like they would in a physical event.

CWA scouted for virtual event platforms that could meet their needs. They found that most platforms were either dated, had a complex UI, or were difficult to navigate. Around the same time, somebody from the CWA team attended a virtual event hosted using Hubilo. Blown away by the ease of use and the attendee experience Hubilo offered, the CWA team was confident that they had found the platform they were looking for.
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With Hubilo, the CWA team organize their virtual events seamlessly.

It fulfilled all their three asks of a virtual events platform.

Simple and comprehensive session management

Organizers and speakers could easily record sessions, upload session content, and even make last-minute changes without any hassle or interruption in session delivery.

Virtual booths

The team could easily host their vendors, business partners, publishers, and health care providers inside the platform using virtual boots and demo rooms. It gave the desired interactive spaces for attendees and vendors to interact with each other. In addition, the CWA team was able to empower their partners to collect lead data, something that wasn’t possible with in-person events.

Attendee interactions and networking

The team highly appreciated the availability of multiple attendee engagement and networking options from an array of options such as smart matchmaking, 1:1 meetings, instant video calls from within the platform, event feed, leaderboard, polls, and quizzes to ensure an engaging attendee experience.

The CWA team started seeing the benefits of going virtual from the get-go. They were able to target a larger audience than ever before. Attendees who previously faced budget constraints were now able to attend the events from the comforts of their homes. The number of attendees increased by 60%. And going virtual also meant a reduction in event production spends. It helped the CWA team spread more brand awareness, attract more attendees, and create a bigger impact for the communities they serve.

Nourishing Family
After exploring the ease of virtual events and their accessibility CWA has decided to keep a separate virtual chapter for their events after the pandemic.

Results Speak

Growth in attendance by 60%

Rise in attendee engagement and interactions

More impact with less costs

Increase in new member acquisition Organizers