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Sofa Summit wanted its virtual event Sofa Summit,
the world’s largest social advertising summit, to embody its brand.
Obvious choice? Hubilo.


Hubilo is built to make you and your brand shine. Whether you want to make your event personify your brand’s look and feel to a tee or meaningful data and insights into attendee behaviors – Hubilo has it all. used our platform’s engagement features extensively to deliver a highly engaging attendee experience virtually. A bustling leaderboard and event feed; contests, polls and quizzes; breakout rooms and networking lounges Hubilo makes it easy for organizers to keep attendees hooked.

When CWA had to host virtual events after the pandemic struck, the team dreaded it. They needed an easy-to-use, intuitive platform as most of the organizing team and the expected attendees and partners from the public health sector weren’t tech-savvy. With Hubilo, CWA found the transition to virtual so seamless and effective that they have decided to continue hosting events virtually even after the pandemic. Virtual events also took away attendees’ time & budget constraints making the attendance rates for CWA’s events go up by about 60%.


CWA went virtual for the first time,
increased attendance rates by 60%
and is now championing virtual events.



With Hubilo’s seamlessly scalable platform, the GITEX team was empowered to create their first-ever hybrid event experience.

GITEX, one of the world’s largest technology exhibitions, chose Hubilo to host its first ever hybrid edition. Hubilo’s platform is powerful, reliable and built to scale. It provides everything you need to host successful events at scale. Exhibitor and sponsor management dashboards, intelligent lead generation, gamified attendee engagement, AI-powered smart matchmaking, and many more features that give exhibition organizers superpowers. With Hubilo’s best-in-class support team that gets hybrid events like nobody’s business, GITEX could smoothly extend its in-person experience into the virtual world.

Hubilo’s event infrastructure is built to deliver unparalleled virtual experiences that are consistent with a brand’s personality. With a quick setup, easy-to-use platform and customizable branding options available, Hubilo made it hassle-free for Event EQ to deliver a large-scale virtual event for Pan IIT USA.

Hubilo is built to deliver a wow experience for your clients and business results for you. Imagine the most creative virtual experiences you want to create, and let the platform take care of the rest.



EventEQ used Hubilo to enable 50,000+ networking actions for 16,000+ Registrations during Pan IIT USA

Don’t believe us ? See what people are saying about us

“We run some of the biggest financial planning events in South Africa. We have been astounded by the service ethic of people behind Hubilo, their ability to get things done and the flexibility with which they operate is something we have not yet encountered with any other virtual event service out there”

Kevin Home
Kevin Hilton
Founder, The Collaborative Exchange

“I’d like to continue using the service in the long run. Most importantly, it is the human factor that counts. Customer experience cannot be easily replaced. We are pleased to work with a bunch of highly energetic, hard working and ready to help support team”

Adele Home
Adela C.
Events Director, Asia Video Industry Association(AVIA)

Simple yet intuitive, a lot of action was happening with the chat, leaderboard & contests. Platform is very user friendly. Hubilo Streaming player is awesome. I really like it as it is all automated with the recording link available almost immediately. The best thing is that it cannot be shared outside the platform unlike Youtube / Vimeo links.

Wendi Home
Wendi Lai, CMP
Head of Event Operations at Clarion Events Asia

“The platform has all the features needed to organize a great virtual event. From engaging with the delegates, to admin work on the dashboard and getting your team to manage the event. Great functionality. But even more important, the help and support we got from the customer success representative were unprecedented. We used few other similar services in the past, but none compare to the amount of time and energy we got from their representative. They went over and above to make sure they answer every question and fix all our requirements. They even pushed the roll out of a new feature just for us! It was a great experience working with them!”

Andre Home
Andrei Palamariu
Senior Director APAC at Alcott Global

“Startups without Borders was hosted on Hubilo and they killed it! The user experience was exceptional for both the attendees and us organizers! We received an incredible feedback from our summit attendees about the platform they loved it.Also the whole setup process and technical support was the highlight of my experience”

Nahla Home
Nahla Salem
Business Development Manager, Startups without Borders

“We really enjoyed the engagement options of Hubilo and the ability to customize the platform easily. We were able to implement our networking events and lounges with ease.”

Vaishanavi Home
Vaishnavi (Vaish) N
The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

“We did some research and compared different platforms before choosing one. I would recommend Hubilo to those looking for a platform that is easy to navigate, dynamic, who value the support of a CSM, and who are looking to challenge the existing to create incredible experiences in their events. For us, change is constant. We are always looking to improve ourselves, so the support of the Hubilo team, the flexibility in timing, pricing, and requirements was key to the success in engage and the great feedback of our event.”

Valery Home
Valery R
Learning & Development Analyst, Belcorp

“Great platform for online conference during pandemic! Hubilo team gave us too much support for this year’s SustPack Asia online event. Much appreciated!”

Beatrice Home
Beatrice S.
Marketing Specialist, Smithers

“The support team has been an unbelievable help. This was a giant show with a lot of moving parts. We’ve loved working with the whole Hubilo team, can’t wait to continue this great partnership.”

Annie Home
Annie H
Production Coordinator, Bright AV